Thursday, May 19, 2016

Starting a Stamp Collection

Dave Chupp, a talented businessman with a background in tax preparation and cabinetry, is an Indiana-based dog breeder these days. When he’s not busy overseeing the care of his puppies and the overall operation of his company, Dave Chupp enjoys collecting stamps.

A variety of people around the world enjoy stamp collecting. The hobby is relatively easy to get into, and you can grow your collection the longer you work at it. When first starting out, the only tool you will likely need is a stamp album. Albums preserve your stamps and keep them safe in one place. In addition, you may choose to get stamp tongs to prevent oils and dirt from getting on the stamps during handling, and stamp catalogs to learn about stamps’ history and value.

Most collectors start out collecting everything, but many eventually zero in on stamps from a particular country or a specific type. When it comes to finding stamps, ask friends and family to save any interesting stamps they receive for you. Seniors often have old pieces of mail with vintage stamps on them, and people who travel often can send you postcards from different countries. Further, consider checking local stamp clubs, dealers, and shows.

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