Friday, February 12, 2016

The Founding of ICAW - Indiana Council of Animal Welfare

Dave Chupp raises a variety of pure breeds for sale in the Midwest, including French Bulldogs, Akitas, Golden Retrievers, and Yorkshire Terriers. Passionate about providing proper care to man’s best friend from birth all the way to old age as well as safeguarding the right to own pets, Dave Chupp is a council member of the Indiana Council of Animal Welfare (ICAW).

ICAW was founded in 2009 during the Indiana legislative session by dedicated animal lovers who felt their right to own and take care of pets was being threatened. At the time, animal rights activists were working closely with legislative authorities to restrict pet ownership rights. The citizens that formed ICAW were concerned that proposed laws might impose undesirable regulations on owners, handlers, and the general public with regard to eating meat, animal entertainment such as the zoo or circus, or own a family pet.

Believing in their right to own pets, the concerned animal lovers founded ICAW to counter the radical measures put forward by animal rights activists. The organization has grown since then and accepts members and donations from local pet owners and animal lovers.