Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Some of the Best Vantage Points at Yosemite National Park

Dave Chupp enjoys traveling around the United States to visit its national parks. In California, Dave Chupp has spent time at Yosemite, which is known for its towering, rocky peaks. Below are some of the best vantage points in the park for seeing these formations.

Glacier Point: Regarded as having the best view in the park, Glacier Point looks out upon Half Dome and three waterfalls. For an even better peek at Vernal and Nevada Falls, go just south to Washburn Point.

El Portal: Only a couple of miles from Glacier Point, this area offers a view of the Merced River Canyon, through Yosemite Valley, and even out to the California Coast Ranges on particularly clear days.

El Capitan Meadow: This area has perhaps the best view of El Capitan and is an easy stop as visitors exit the park. It also offers a great view of Cathedral Rocks.

Sentinel Bridge: A famous vantage point, the bridge affords a view of Half Dome reflected across the Merced River, as well as the nearby Yosemite Falls.

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