Thursday, March 16, 2017

About the French Bulldog

Dave Chupp, a professional dog breeder based in Indiana, draws on an in-depth knowledge of multiple recognized breeds. Among others, Dave Chupp breeds French bulldogs registered with the American Kennel Club.

A relaxed yet affectionate breed, the French bulldog is ideal for the apartment-dwelling owner. The dogs require little in the way of daily exercise, other than a walk or gentle play session. They are often happiest relaxing with their owners in a comfortable chair, and they tend to adapt well when owners need to be away.

French bulldogs do not bark excessively, yet will let owners know when a visitor is at the door. They will vocalize a warning but are not active protectors of the household, as it is unlikely they will attack an intruder. Bulldogs may in fact be shy around new people, particularly children.

French bulldogs do need regular grooming, however. Its fast-growing claws require regular clipping, and the ears should receive frequent inspection to avoid infections caused by wax buildup. Owners must also watch the dog's diet carefully, as the French bulldog is prone to digestive problems. A veterinarian can advise on this and other breed-specific health issues.

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