Friday, December 9, 2016

Michigan Wolverines Defense Ranked First after Rutgers Blow-Out

When Dave Chupp of Nappanee, Indiana is not managing his dog-breeding business, he spends his time watching college sports. Dave Chupp’s favorite teams are the University of Michigan’s basketball, hockey, and football teams.

After Michigan’s 78-0 defeat of Rutgers on October 6, 2016, the University of Michigan Wolverines topped the ranks and placed first in scoring defense, first in total yards gained per game, and first against the pass. The team’s defensive line dominated the game and continued to be the leading unit in the country with a total of 59 tackles for a loss. 

According to Taco Charlton, one of the team’s defensive lineman who recorded two sacks against Rutgers, the players tried to prove that they were the best defensive line in the country. The sentiment rang true, since the only time a team has ever punted the ball more times against the Michigan Wolverines was during the famous “Snow Bowl” in 1950.

Another Wolverines player, Jabrill Peppers, was quoted as saying that crazy things happen in college football and that it is not enough to be on top - a team should keep playing hard until they win the game.

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