Friday, August 12, 2016

The Akita - a Complex and Devoted Breed of Dog

Maintaining an established Indiana dog-breeding business, Dave Chupp raises puppies of a variety of breeds, including Havaneses and French bulldogs. Dave Chupp also breeds Akitas, which are originally from a mountainous region of Honshu in Japan.

A complex breed of dog, Akitas were initially bred from hunting dogs in the 19th century and used as guard dogs. The first Akita registry was created in 1929, and a standard was introduced in 1937.

Unfortunately, the ravages of World War II brought the Akita lineage close to extinction. After the war, the few surviving pure-bred Akitas were identified, and breeding continued.

Calm and dignified, the Akita has a personality that many characterize as determined and courageous. Reserved among strangers, Akitas are protective without displaying aggressive traits, unless they are provoked.

The Akita can be aggressive with other animals, however, and with other Akitas of the same sex. As a result, one Akita is often kept as the sole family pet. Akitas require a firm owner who maintains status as the alpha in the "pack," and in return, the dog will provide unstinting devotion.

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