Thursday, June 23, 2016

A Handful of the Must-See Attractions at Yellowstone National Park

An avid outdoorsman, Dave Chupp has traveled around the country to visit its top national parks. Dave Chupp has visited Yosemite, Glacier, and Redwood National Parks, as well as Yellowstone, known as the home of Old Faithful Geyser. While at Yellowstone, visitors should spent a couple of hours exploring the whole Upper Geyser Basin, which has the world’s highest concentration of geysers.

Another must-see site is the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone. While not as large as the Grand Canyon in Arizona, the Yellowstone Grand Canyon leads to Lower Falls, a 308-foot waterfall that has become one of the most-photographed features in the park.

Mammoth Hot Springs, the historic center of Yellowstone, features the oldest buildings in the park, along with the visitors center. Visitors usually get a view of the elk that graze on the Mammoth Village lawns.

Animal lovers should spend time in Lamar Valley, which is frequented by coyote, elk, bison, grizzly bears, and wolves. The best time to see some of the rarer animals is dawn or dusk. Lamar Valley is also a great fishing destination.

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